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NeoPets [

Apr 20 - 10:17 pm]

Hey Everyone.

Now, I first discovered neopets when i was a weee little kid.
i'm going to ask you! cuz i am curious

how old where you when you discovered neopets?

what was your first screen name?

what was your first neopet?

do you still use that screen name now?

what is your favorite neopet?

okay!! i'm just curious!! let me know.

Updates [

Apr 3 - 12:07 am]


The Updates

4/1/06 - Happy 1st birthday to the Neopets Blog Crew! =) And welcome everyone! I am Rachel, also the owner of the Sailor Moon Blog Crew, as you may know. ~_^ Please check out the rules and then feel free to claim a stamp under the stamps section by responding with your Username you wish for your stamp to be under and the Neopet desired.

Specialty stamps are for those who have joined the community that have made icons, graphics, 5+ advertisements, and whatnot to support the community, so if you would like a specialty stamp while they are all still available, get to work! The other way to get a specialty stamp is simply by being a member of the Neopets Blog Crew. The 15th of every month, I will randomly draw a name of a member and I will contact them, saying they are the monthly winner for a specialty stamp of their choice. Sounds fair, aye?

4/3/06 - Wow! :) I never knew we could get so many awesome people without even advertising that much. ^_^ In speaking of advertising, I will be giving out a specialty stamp to each person who advertises the Neopets Blog Crew in 5+ places (And can post with the links to the places you advertised.) So, if you are not graphic-savvy, this might be the ideal way for you to claim your faerie stamp or any other specialty stamp.

I will also be adding Petpet stamps soon, seeing that we are getting many members quickly. ^_^ Welp, keep inviting your friends and if you would like to discuss Neopets, the blog crew is an ideal place to chit-chat about Neopets too. =)


And without further ado...welcome to the Neopets Blog Crew, I hope everyone has fun and joins! =^__^= Feel free to post anything Neopets-related here too, from fanfiction, to fan art, to just general talk about Neopets--anything! =) It does not even have to be Neopets-related if you do not want, both members and nonmembers can post in addition.~

Contests & on Specialty Stamps [

Apr 1 - 4:26 pm]

The Contests & on Specialty Stamps

At this time, April 1st, there is not a specific contest. Just know that once you join, you will be entered in a raffle-type event that will take place April 15th, where all the members names will be thrown into a hat and when I randomly select a name, this member can request any specialty stamp they would like, including the faeries. :)

I also reward specialty stamps to active members and posters in the blog crew and those who decide to "go the extra mile" and create an icon, a banner, or any sort of graphic the community decides to use. ^_~ Even a catchy phrase/slogan or advertising the Neopets Blog Crew in 5+ places(And you must provide proof with links. ^_~) for the Neopets Blog Crew will certainly earn you a stamp, so if you are interested in a specialty stamp--allow all your creative juices to flow and contribute to the Neopets Blog Crew~.

Please post any of your icons, banners, advertisements, and such in this post and this post only. ^_^ Thank you and I will be handing out specialty stamps soon, I hope. =]

IF YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR SPECIALTY STAMP YOU WANT...Please specify it when you post your icon to reassure you will get it versus someone else, if you are chosen to receive a specialty stamp by either myself, suiseiseki, or bryzee. And if you see someone with the same desired specialty stamp as you above, do not hesitate to put this choice along with another. If the person above you though gets the specialty stamp, they will get it first. :)

Rules, Sister Blog Crews, & the Code [

Mar 1 - 3:53 pm]

The Rules & Sister Blog Crews

-Sooo...what exactly is a blog crew?
A blog crew is almost like a claims list, only a lot more fun. =3 There are only so many spaces left and only one person can claim a character. Each member sports a pretty spiffy banner dedicated to that character s/he claimed once they get a response from the maintainer telling them the character is all theirs. It should also show on the "Claims" list that the character is theirs. Also, there are contests in some blog crews such as this one in order to earn specialty stamps and second claims. The blog crew represents an interest of an immense group of people and allows it to spread all over places such as LiveJournal by the glance of your awesome stamp as well as make lots of friends with the same interest., yeah, uhm. How can I join, exactly?
Anyone can join. Just pick out one of the available character stamps below and respond to this post with your Livejournal Username you will be using for the Neopets Blog Crew along with your Desired Character you are claiming. Remember, DO NOT take the stamp&code until the maintainer, myself, has responded back to your post. ~_^ Once you have been given the okay from me, feel free to upload the stamp or if you must, direct link from my stamp provided below and post it in your User Information. Hurrah! ^__^ Now you are officially a member of the Neopets Blog Crew! You are required to have your stamp in your User Information or else that character, within 24 hours, will be back up for grabs.

-This is so confusing!~~@_@ Someone has taken my character!
We have given you fair warning here at the Neopets Blog Crew from a comment posted in your Livejournal warning you of your character being given up due to your lack of stamp in the User Information to even posting it in here. If you are interested in quitting the Neopets Blog Crew, please also inform me in this post in addition to taking down the stamp. And if your character is taken and you respond to your own reply to this post telling me so, there's a good chance I will end up not reading over it. n_n So just to play it safe, respond with a totally new post, not a response to your own, with your new character you wish to claim that is available. Thanks! ^_^

-Aren't you the owner of the Sailor Moon Blog Crew, or...or something?! n__n!
Yep, I sure am. :) Feel free to check out the Sailor Moon Blog Crew, as well, if you are interested in Sailor Moon as well. ^_^

-I hear you have these really spiffy sister blog crews...
Spiffy indeed. =^_^= My only sister blog crew at the time is my own Sailor Moon Blog Crew maintained by me, suiseiseki.

**If you would like to become a sister blog crew, simpy respond in this post with your own titled "Sister Blog Crews?", thanks girls. =) And I would love to be sister blog crews with all of you!

*****Also, if you guys could, please, please join the Neopets Blog Crew to keep updated on what's going on with the crew along with lots of contests, drawings for specialty stamps, and even Neopets-related prizes I will be giving away in addition to second claims and specialty stamps. =)

And, almost all of my Livejournal entries too pertain to Sailormoon, Neopets, and other fun things most girls tend to enjoy, so no need to fear having some emotional, depressed kid added to your friends list or anything. e.e; Let's keep this blog crew active, guys! =) If you are interested in becoming friends with me, just add me, I always love meeting new people with similar interests. ~_^

The Blog Crew Code

Stamps [Taken & Available ] [

Apr 2 - 3:27 pm]

The Stamps
Just click on the Livejournal cut below to see all the taken and available stamps for the Neopets Blog Crew. ^_^

The Stamps [Taken & Available ]Collapse )

Reminder: Please do NOT post your code or stamp in your user information until I have responded to your post and have updated this page with your name included, thank you. =] And if you realize someone above you has taken your character, please do NOT respond to your own response, as there is a good chance I will not catch it. Just reply to this post again. Thank you so much. ^__^

When joining, please reply to this post with your Livejournal Username you wish for your stamp to be under, your Desired Neopet that is available, and your Neopets Username so we can send you some free goodies too by surprise. ^_~ If you do not have a Neopets username, that is a-okay, but for those who do, please add this to your joining request as well!

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