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Little Pink Princess in Lace

Contests & on Specialty Stamps

The Contests & on Specialty Stamps

At this time, April 1st, there is not a specific contest. Just know that once you join, you will be entered in a raffle-type event that will take place April 15th, where all the members names will be thrown into a hat and when I randomly select a name, this member can request any specialty stamp they would like, including the faeries. :)

I also reward specialty stamps to active members and posters in the blog crew and those who decide to "go the extra mile" and create an icon, a banner, or any sort of graphic the community decides to use. ^_~ Even a catchy phrase/slogan or advertising the Neopets Blog Crew in 5+ places(And you must provide proof with links. ^_~) for the Neopets Blog Crew will certainly earn you a stamp, so if you are interested in a specialty stamp--allow all your creative juices to flow and contribute to the Neopets Blog Crew~.

Please post any of your icons, banners, advertisements, and such in this post and this post only. ^_^ Thank you and I will be handing out specialty stamps soon, I hope. =]

IF YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR SPECIALTY STAMP YOU WANT...Please specify it when you post your icon to reassure you will get it versus someone else, if you are chosen to receive a specialty stamp by either myself, suiseiseki, or bryzee. And if you see someone with the same desired specialty stamp as you above, do not hesitate to put this choice along with another. If the person above you though gets the specialty stamp, they will get it first. :)
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