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Little Pink Princess in Lace


The Updates

4/1/06 - Happy 1st birthday to the Neopets Blog Crew! =) And welcome everyone! I am Rachel, also the owner of the Sailor Moon Blog Crew, as you may know. ~_^ Please check out the rules and then feel free to claim a stamp under the stamps section by responding with your Username you wish for your stamp to be under and the Neopet desired.

Specialty stamps are for those who have joined the community that have made icons, graphics, 5+ advertisements, and whatnot to support the community, so if you would like a specialty stamp while they are all still available, get to work! The other way to get a specialty stamp is simply by being a member of the Neopets Blog Crew. The 15th of every month, I will randomly draw a name of a member and I will contact them, saying they are the monthly winner for a specialty stamp of their choice. Sounds fair, aye?

4/3/06 - Wow! :) I never knew we could get so many awesome people without even advertising that much. ^_^ In speaking of advertising, I will be giving out a specialty stamp to each person who advertises the Neopets Blog Crew in 5+ places (And can post with the links to the places you advertised.) So, if you are not graphic-savvy, this might be the ideal way for you to claim your faerie stamp or any other specialty stamp.

I will also be adding Petpet stamps soon, seeing that we are getting many members quickly. ^_^ Welp, keep inviting your friends and if you would like to discuss Neopets, the blog crew is an ideal place to chit-chat about Neopets too. =)


And without further ado...welcome to the Neopets Blog Crew, I hope everyone has fun and joins! =^__^= Feel free to post anything Neopets-related here too, from fanfiction, to fan art, to just general talk about Neopets--anything! =) It does not even have to be Neopets-related if you do not want, both members and nonmembers can post in addition.~
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