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Maintained by: suiseiseki and bryzee

Welcome to the first and only Neopets Blog Crew, I hope everyone has fun and joins! =^__^= Feel free to post anything Neopets-related here too, from fanfiction, to fan art, to just general talk about Neopets--anything! =) It does not even have to be Neopets-related if you do not want, both members and nonmembers can post, too.~ To claim a pet and a stamp, just go to the Stamps section and make sure the pet you desire is available. Once you join, it is all downhill from there and you will receive a warm welcoming to the blog crew from either bryzee or myself, suiseiseki. Please do not put up your stamp until you have received a response to your join request welcoming you. ^__^

Sister Blog Crews
The Sailor Moon Blog Crew | suiseiseki

If you wish to become a sister blog crew, please see this post. We love having sister blog crews~!

The Rules & About Blog Crews

A blog crew is almost like a claims list, only a lot more fun. =3 There are only so many spaces left and only one person can claim a character. Each member sports a pretty spiffy banner dedicated to that character s/he claimed once they get a response from the maintainer telling them the character is all theirs. It should also show on the "Claims" list that the character is theirs. Also, there are contests in some blog crews such as this one in order to earn specialty stamps and second claims. The blog crew represents an interest of an immense group of people and allows it to spread all over places such as LiveJournal by the glance of your awesome stamp as well as make lots of friends with the same interest.

-Sweet...so, yeah, uhm. How can I join, exactly?
Anyone can join. Just pick out one of the available character stamps below and respond to this post with your Livejournal Username you will be using for the Neopets Blog Crew along with your Desired Character you are claiming. Remember, DO NOT take the stamp&code until the maintainer, myself, has responded back to your post. ~_^ Once you have been given the okay from me, feel free to upload the stamp or if you must, direct link from my stamp provided below and post it in your User Information. Hurrah! ^__^ Now you are officially a member of the Neopets Blog Crew! You are required to have your stamp in your User Information or else that character, within 24 hours, will be back up for grabs.

-This is so confusing!~~@_@ Someone has taken my character!
We have given you fair warning here at the Neopets Blog Crew from a comment posted in your Livejournal warning you of your character being given up due to your lack of stamp in the User Information to even posting it in here. If you are interested in quitting the Neopets Blog Crew, please also inform me in this post in addition to taking down the stamp. And if your character is taken and you respond to your own reply to this post telling me so, there's a good chance I will end up not reading over it. n_n So just to play it safe, respond with a totally new post, not a response to your own, with your new character you wish to claim that is available. Thanks! ^_^